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Real Estate Professional located in Bisbee Arizona and serving the surrounding areas with all and any buying, selling, and rental property needs. Call 520-432-7435 Today!

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OK Realty, Inc realizes that what buyers in the home property market seek is straightforward: solid value at a fair price. What buyers don’t want, or need, is a real estate deal that is fraught with legalese, mounds of red tape, and vague explanations of what they need to do to qualify and obtain the property that they want. Our experienced agents pride themselves on having a very open and clear dialogue with our clients, understanding where their priorities lie, and answering whatever questions they may have about the process of purchasing real estate. While other Realtors seem to discourage client participation, OK Realty, Inc welcomes it. Contact us today to learn more.

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A rental agent is a great resource in renting, leasing, or managing your Bisbee or Naco property. I will advertise across many venues to ensure that your property gets as much exposure to the market as possible. Once a tenant is located, OK Realty, Inc will have the prospect complete a rental application.



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At OK Realty, Inc, I take pride in my ability of being an effective property manager, which enables owners to maintain their profitability while letting a professional handle the most difficult aspects of being an owner. When it comes to renting out a property I will make sure your property look its best. I supply rental applications and make sure that your property gets maximum exposure. I conduct credit checks, employment verification, and ask for prior landlord references with all potential tenants' requests to make sure your property is in good hands.